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Can CBD Help Relieve Symptoms of Your Anxiety?

Can CBD Help Relieve Symptoms of Your Anxiety

Anxiety manifests in many ways. Whether it’s the performance anxiety Adele feels before she takes the stage, the panic attacks that Stephen Colbert dealt with in his 20s, or the general anxiety that President Abraham Lincoln is believed to have suffered from throughout his life, they’re all equally challenging and can make even simple things much more difficult.


Anxiety Defined

Anxiety is one of the most common mood disorders in the modern world. To put it simply, people who suffer from anxiety tend to experience excessive worry, which can manifest in many ways, including restlessness and irritability.

Not everyone experiences anxiety in the same way, nor does every situation trigger an anxiety attack. People with social anxiety disorder (SAD) feel the symptoms of anxiety in certain social situations. Those with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) often feel excessive worry from indeterminate stimuli.


How is Anxiety Treated?

Traditionally, anxiety is treated with either therapy, medications, or when possible, both. Medications can be prescribed by a physician or a psychiatrist, and can help some people take the edge off their symptoms while they work with a therapist to reduce, and sometimes eliminate, the cause.


The Problem with Anxiety Medications

While medications have proven effective in reducing the severity of the symptoms associated with many different anxiety disorders, they do have their drawbacks. The medications are not without their side effects, and where some people can take them freely, others experience side effects that can be even worse than the anxiety they’re meant to treat.


Are There any Other Options?

When it comes to alternatives to medications, there are plenty of overthe-counter remedies available, though many of them are not strong enough to make a difference for everyone, leading researchers to search for suitable alternatives. One of the alternatives that have been causing a lot of commotion among those who suffer from anxiety has been cannibidiol, more commonly known as CBD.

CBD is a compound that’s found naturally in the hemp plant that many have claimed has had a tremendous effect on reducing the symptoms associated with their anxiety.

CBD exists in the marijuana plant as well, but the oil extracted for medicinal uses comes only from the hemp plant and does not contain the psychoactive ingredient (THC) found in marijuana. Therefore, CBD, like that provided by UrthLeaf, is not only 100% safe and legal, it will not cause you to feel high.

Anxiety can be very tough to deal with, and the side effects of anxiety medications can be even worse. If you’re interested in something natural to treat your anxiety that can be just as effective as prescription medications, give CBD from UrthLeaf a try and see what it can do for you.




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