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CBD: A Natural Sleep Aid Alternative

UrthLeaf Hemp CBD Sleep Aid

Who Wouldn't Love Naturally Catching a Few Extra Zzzz's?

8 hours, 6 hours, 4 hours… everyone’s sleep cycle is different but most of us can’t seem to get enough. Sleep not only helps refresh your mind and body. While we sleep, our bodies are hard at work restoring balance and storing. energy for us to burn upon waking up. However,when we’re feeling stressed or anxious, we often have trouble getting a restful night’s sleep. Often stress takes away from our ability to fully experience REM sleep. REM Sleep occurs when we are falling asleep and waking up. During REM sleep our brains are almost as active as when we are awake. In this phase of sleep, breathing can become fast and irregular and when we are anxious this makes it hard for our body to relax and “fall asleep”. REM sleep is thought to help consolidate memories. Some people use alcohol to “help them get sleepy”, but actually, alcohol is proven to reduce the amount of REM sleep we have.

Studies on CBD have found that the cannabinoid may have the therapeutic potential for combating the symptoms of insomnia while also helping manage excessive daytime sleepiness and REM sleep behavior disorder. All of that ultimately equates to better sleep without any tossing or turning.

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