How CBD can TRULY help during the coronavirus crisis

We are avid believers in the powers of CBD. We are also passionate about presenting our customers with CBD facts, not fiction. Many companies are exploiting the current global crisis by claiming their CBD products will cure the infection of Covid-19. We want to show you how CBD can TRULY help during the coronavirus crisis. UrthLeaf assures there is no evidence to show that consuming CBD or any cannabis-derived product will rid the virus from your body or make you immune to catching it.

What we do know to be true, is the healing and soothing effects of CBD. Whilst you’re keeping safe at home, allow us to take you through some of the real and useful ways you can put your CBD products to use.

How CBD can TRULY help during the coronavirus crisis

Relief from Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety is debilitating, exhausting and downright awful. People who are prone to enduring an anxiety or panic attack, or who find it difficult to navigate stressful situations in a rational and productive manner, may find the current coronavirus crisis particularly hard to handle. This is completely understandable; the sudden disruption of our daily lives is going to take an emotional toll on our minds and bodies.

In the last two weeks, cities and even entire countries have shut down. Shops, schools, places of worship and parks are no longer available for us to go to whenever we please. Hospitals are fighting to cope with the large numbers of infected people crossing their doors. This is a worrying time. Even someone without an anxiety disorder will feel frightened and unsure.

For many people, the worry stems from not knowing what is going to happen next. We are uncertain of how this virus will affect society in the long term. This makes it very easy to catastrophize and spiral into panic.

So, what does this have to do with CBD and the coronavirus crisis?

UrthLeaf CBD has been shown to calm nerves and ease stress in our day to day life. In 2019, the New York Times reported on a study conducted on anxious students before they delivered a presentation in class. As we can all imagine, a person prone to feeling anxious will most likely find a four-minute talk in front of classmates and a lecturer very intimidating. However, a study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology found that administering CBD appeared to reduce apprehension and cognitive impairment. A placebo group were put through the same experience and they appeared to have heightened anxiety and discomfort during their speech.

Admittedly, public speaking seems very easy compared with losing your job, your children being home full time, or someone you love getting sick. However, if we look at some of the symptoms the students displayed in the above study – feeling nervous, irrational, tense – then we can see these are all similar feelings many of us are experiencing regularly during this crisis. Until we understand how the political and medical situations are going to manifest, we will continue to feel uneasy.

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The good news is, it appears that consuming CBD oil products may help to relieve some tension. Soothe frayed nerves. Clear your mind. Calm you down. This is how CBD can TRULY help in the coronavirus crisis.

Instead of viewing CBD as an all-out cure for Covid-19 (which it isn’t), view it as a tool to help you manage your emotions and stress during a tumultuous period. The great thing about CBD is it is completely safe. Scientists and doctors are keen to use it in research and for treating patients as it is a natural, chemical-free element. And despite deriving from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t contain any of the molecules that will get you high.

Many people may feel they need to turn to alcohol or drugs or even anger to help them cope during this unsettling time. We want to assure our customers that our CBD-oil products are a much better alternative, with nearly zero side effects.

Achieve better sleep with CBD

We have heard of some people finding getting a good night’s sleep is difficult at the moment. Anxiety causes us to overthink and focus on the thoughts that are causing us to worry. We’ve all been there; lying in bed, trying to fall asleep but our minds are whirling. Then we get caught up in a vicious thought circle as our brains panic about not falling asleep. And this will probably be a big issue for many people now who suffer from anxiety.

Again, CBD can help. It won’t cure you of the infection, but it can ease your worries for an hour or so, allowing you to fall asleep easily. If you’re getting decent sleep, you will have the energy and resources to cope with any sudden changes that crop up the following day.

People who take CBD to help them sleep often report long-term changes to their sleep patterns. They find an hour or so after taking their CBD oil product (there are many different ways to consume CBD, see our post), they begin to relax and stop overthinking. Then they easily fall asleep. This good sleep habit continues over a long period of time, rather than being a short-term fix. Gretchen Lidicker, author of CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide to Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness said this is due to “CBD’s ability to interact with…serotonin receptors and GABA receptors in the brain.”

As serotonin plays an important role in mood and anxiety, and GABA is known as the main ‘inhibitory’ neurotransmitter, “CBD appears to help with sleep because of its anti-anxiety properties and ability to promote relaxation” as explained by Lidicker.

Be resourceful, use CBD oil products for what they’re designed to do

In summary, CBD has been added into products like tinctures and gummies in order to help you relax. To provide you with a sense of calm and therapy. Which we can all agree is a necessity in order to deal with the current global crisis.

Urthleaf will always offer you the truth. And that is, that CBD will not cure the coronavirus. Any person or company claiming this, is telling you an exploitative story. Stay tuned to our blog over the coming weeks for more guidance on how to stay safe whilst home. And how to utilise the wonderful powers of CBD to manage your emotions and stress levels.



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