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How To Use CBD For Pain Management

CBD can offer an alternative for people who have chronic pain. Relying on medications, such as opioids, can become habit-forming and cause difficult side effects. Studies have been conducted (though more research is needed) to verify the benefits of using CBD for pain management.

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How To Use CBD For Pain Management

As part of our continual look at the physical benefits of CBD oil, this article explores how CBD is used by many UrthLeaf customers to ease problems with chronic pain.

Whether pain is minimal or a real problem for your day to day activities, trying CBD for pain management is a great alternative to using other prescribed medications.

What Is Pain? Except for being a pain!

Pain occurs in our bodies to let us know something is wrong. It is prompted by a signal from our nervous system. It can feel like a sharp or dull sensation or it may feel like a sting or burn or ache. The sensation can come and go, or we can be constantly aware of it.

Pain will also let us know if there is a serious medical problem that requires attention. If you have sudden, acute pain, it may be caused by inflammation, an injury, or a disease.

Most pain can be treated and will cease; however, some pain will stick around and turn into chronic pain.

Treatment for pain can vary. It depends on the cause and type of pain. You can treat pain with drugs or non-drug treatments such as acupuncture, physical therapy, and surgery. There are powerful opioid options to treat pain but the side effects and risk of addiction are a cause for concern for most people living with pain. CBD for pain management is one way to treat most pain.

Why Should I Use CBD For Pain Management?

CBD comes from the cannabis plant. Most manufacturers use the hemp plant because more cannabidiol can be extracted and less THC (the compound which causes a feeling of being high).

More and more people are seeking out CBD for pain management. There are some specific reasons why people are seeking out CBD as an alternative form of medication.

  • 130 people in the US die every day from an opioid overdose.
  • 21 to 29% of people that are prescribed opioids misuse them.
  • An estimated 4 to 6% of people who misuse opioids transition to harder, illegal drugs such as heroin.
  • About 80% of people who begin using heroin first misused prescription opioids.

These are very worrying statistics! In the 90s, pharmaceutical companies began creating opioids and assuring the public that these medications were not addictive. So, healthcare providers began prescribing them as treatment to most pain issues. Opioid overdoses have increased year after year. In 2017, more than 47,000 Americans died due to opioid misuse. In the same year, about 1.7 million people in the US were diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder that correlated to prescription opioids.

With all this, you can understand why patients are seeking out alternative forms of medication. Whether it’s joint pain, back pain, pain from surgery, or something else, people are looking for something other than opioids.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory property that helps regulate the endocannabinoid system. This system manages your mood and pain receptors. Read on to discover what CBD can help with.

What Pain Does CBD Help With?

CBD is known to be effective with various problems.

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Pain after surgery
  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis

Chronic pain can last for a long time. Coping with such pain can be very frustrating and also debilitating. It can eviscerate any sort of normality like sleeping, working and spending quality time with family and friends.

Patients who encounter this kind of pain should certainly look at CBD as an opportunity to find comfort with no harsh side effects.

CBD For Arthritis Is Also CBD For Pain Management

How many of us know someone with arthritis? Arthritis causes stiffness, pain, aches, and swelling in and around the joints. Certain types of arthritis can involve the immune system and organs within the body.

Options for treating arthritis are physical therapy in combination with medication to improve quality of life.

Another option for treatment is CBD. And there have been several studies into the effects of CBD on arthritis. In certain clinical trials that use medical marijuana-based medicine, there was significant effects on pain movement, morning stiffness and sleep quality. There were virtually no side effects on most of the participants.

Even the Arthritis Foundation supports the notion of using CBD to manage the pain associated with arthritis.

If you are suffering from arthritis, you should make sure you find good quality CBD products that will aid you in relieving your daily discomfort. Quality products will provide a certificate of analysis by a reputable third-party lab. UrthLeaf believe that every patient deserves quality products.

CBD For Muscle Soreness And Muscle Spasm

If you’re a regular gym-goer, you know that muscle soreness is a normal part of exercising. It’s a good indicator of a great workout!

However, this pain can impede the next day’s workout session. Any workout is better than no workout but if you can avoid muscle soreness or spasms, it would make exercise much better.

Using CBD as a pre-workout supplement will provide faster recovery because you won’t feel as fatigued. It will help you recover from your workout session, but it will also help you get good sleep for ultimate recovery. Using CBD for pain management does not just apply to chronic, medical pain.

Give It A Go! CBD For Pain Management

Experiment with different types of CBD products. Maybe you need a tincture for fast relief. Or maybe a topical salve is needed for specific joint pain. If you’ve worked out hard at the gym and feel sore the next day, you could treat yourself to a bath with a CBD bath bomb.

The various ways of using CBD are carefully thought out by UrthLeaf, with each ailment in mind to ensure our customers find something that will aid them properly.

Our goal is to provide effective, premium products that will support existing medications or replace them. No one should deal with severe side effects from a drug, even if it’s FDA approved. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is better for you.

CBD for pain management works. Try it out for yourself.

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