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14 Tips For Eco-Friendly Living

At the beginning of this month, we encouraged our followers on social media to consider making their Fourth of July celebrations GREEN. Now we want to share with our subscribers what it means to be environmentally friendly, and what changes you can make for eco-friendly living.

14 Tips For Eco-Friendly Living

At UrthLeaf, our methods of obtaining CBD and providing to our customers adhere to high standards. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality CBD oil, packaged using sustainable methods. Our hemp and CBD oil is sourced from farms located in Maine, therefore our CBD is fully legalized in the States.

We chose the particular farm we partner with because of their environmentally friendly practices and their commitment to 100% pesticide-free extraction methodology. So, as you can gather, being green is our way of life!

Do you wish to be greener in your own bubble but are struggling for ideas? Sometimes it can be hard to get started! All you need is a little advice from some green lovers to get you on the road!

Whatever your reasons for going green – whether it’s to help the environment or save money – each step towards eco-friendly living is one that will help the world.

Read our top 10 UrthLeaf tips for a greener life.

1. Get Off The Grid

Energy conservation is a big step towards reducing your carbon footprint. If you leave your electricals on standby, they needlessly use up energy. Turn them off and you’ll make one heck of a difference! (And your energy bills will also improve!)

2. Renewables All The Way!

Switching to an energy supplier who supplies 100% renewable energy is a great eco-friendly step. In today’s world of market comparisons, switching is simple and requires very little effort. Plus, any electricity you use when on an 100% renewable tariff is practically zero carbon.

3. Save The Cows

What we can consume is at the heart of many of the world’s devastating environmental catastrophes. Cutting down the amount of meat you eat can have a huge impact on reducing your carbon footprint. Reducing the amount of red meat you eat, even if it’s just for two or three days a week, can have a significant impact on changing the world.

4. Be Creative (And Resourceful) With Food

Did you know that about 150,000 tons of food is tossed out across US households every day? Apart from being a huge waste of food and money, the food that is thrown out is taken to a landfill, adding to the vast amounts of CO2 already building up in our atmosphere. Use your goals for eco-friendly living to become more creative with mealtimes!

5. Recycling Is Key

Chances are you are already recycling in your home and even in your office. This is great and nearly always the first step towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle. Could you improve how you’re recycling? Did you know, you can recycle almost everything, from batteries to paper to cars. Before you throw something away, take a minute to find out if you could recycle it instead.

6. Cut Out Plastic

It’s a sad fact, but plastic is everywhere! However, giving it up isn’t difficult to do. Take a canvas bag with you when you go shopping, buy your fruit and veg loose and don’t buy bottled water.

7. Insulate And Stay Cool (Or Hot)

It is very hard to keep a house warm or cool when it is not well-insulated. Insulating your home is one of the best eco-friendly steps you can take. By insulating well, you stop the heat from escaping, meaning you can avoid cranking up the thermostat!

8. Fix It, Don’t Throw it

Repairing a broken item is more environmentally friendly than simply throwing it away. Though we appreciate using the trash is easier and often cheaper. Turn to the internet. It is full of resources and the tools you need to fix anything. If you really can’t fix it then why not turn it into something else?

9. Buy Local

From clothes to food, buy these products as close to home as possible. This means less carbon is created with their transportation. Plus, you’ll be supporting your local economy which means that over time you’ll have more local items to choose from. This tip is at the heart of eco-friendly living. Being eco-friendly often means being more responsible towards your local community.

10. Avoid Flying

Flying is so damaging for the environment! Try staying close to home. Your local countryside will offer plenty of opportunities for activities that don’t require you flying across the world!

11. Use Your Legs

If you can make a journey by foot, bike or public transport, then go for it. Driving adds a huge amount to your carbon footprint. When you do have to drive, do it efficiently. Keep the speed down, ensure tyres are properly inflated and the engine is in full working order. Eco-friendly living can also mean getting more exercise! Good for you, good for the planet!

12. Eat Your Garden

Growing your own fruit and veg will save you money. And it will cut down your carbon footprint. Don’t panic if you don’t have any outside space. Windowsill boxes are a great way to brighten up your view. They also filter the air coming into your home and are a great way to grow your own herbs and lettuces.

13. No Harmful Chemicals

A lot of well-know, big-brand cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that aren’t environmentally friendly to create or dispose of. Repeated exposure to these cleaning products may also affect your health. Green cleaning products use natural and organic methods of cleaning which are far less harmful.

14. Green Medicine Cabinet

This brings us on to our final and, to us, most important tip. Switch to all green products. Make-up, skincare, and health supplements can all be sourced with natural and organic ingredients. UrthLeaf’s CBD products are all-natural, featuring 100% CBD oil, plus other natural elements. Create magic within your body as well as healing the earth. We hope you enjoyed our helpful tips for eco-friendly living.






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