We don’t expect you to memorize all of this but if curiosity strikes, we want you to feel equipped and empowered with some basics about cannabinoids and terpenes associated with our Full Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD.



Cannabinoids (pronounced KAN-AB-IN-OIDS) act as neuromodulators for a entire host of significant processes and functions. The same way that your body absorbs a supplement, for example, you take vitamin C and your body delivers it to the right places to improve your immune system, cannabinoids are handy for assistance with mood regulation, appetite, skin responses, appetite/digestion, motor skills, and the feeling of pain.

Take a look at the CBD Comparison Wheel – No surprise CBD is the most beneficial but look at how many other Cannabinoids can be commonly found in hemp derived and marijuana derived CBD.


Terpenes -Terps


Terpenes are the aromatherapies of the hemp and marijuana plant. Think of them as your CBD’s essential oils. Their effects aid in the entourage or hemptourage effects of CBD.

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