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About our Pacific Beach Store

UrthLeaf’s mission is to provide people and pets with safe, therapeutic, non-habit forming relief from life’s stressors. We offer a competitive line of all-natural CBD products.

During the unprecedented times we are all facing we want you to know at UrthLeaf we are here for you.

Use our free delivery option on the website for nationwide deliveries or you can schedule a contact less or to the door delivery within 5 miles of our Pacific Beach Store. Simply press the button below to be taking to the time slot bookings.

Address and Info

1041 Garnet Ave,
San Diego,
CA 92109

Phone: +1 213-533-0478
Fax: +1 213-533-0478
Email: sales@urthleaf.com

Mon – Sat: 11am – 7pm
Sun: 12pm – 6pm

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  •   Sweet !

    We were wondering around downtown LA and Ran into this Lovely well decorated Shop

    Little did we Know it was exclusively Only CBD products

    So we where helped immediately by staff with friendly faces and down to Urth hospitality & got some great info about their products & were offered some Gummies which tasted a lot better than expected.

    We bought a bath bomb for Mom and a sample kit
    For the Hemp of it !

    thumb Eduardo H.

      I have to say this product saved my life. I tried different CBD brands and none of them worked for my anxiety. I started using URTHLEAF about 2 month ago and all my anxiety went away and I sleep much better at nights. My dogs (Bulldogs) have a lot allergies and I was tired of taking them to Vet and pay hundreds of dollars to someone that would tell me to give them Benadryl . I started doing some research and found out CBD will cure all their health issues. Ever since I started giving them URTHLEAF treats all their allergies went away and they are much better around other dogs and kids. Thank you URTHLEAF for this amazing product and I can't be happier.

    thumb Mahshad N.
  •   Nice modern store, friendly staff, helpful information to the customer.  Much nicer than most other locations offering the same services. It's located across the street from the Ace hotel and close to the staples center so a quick walk and we were there.

    thumb Moe M.

      So far, my mother in law has taken the 1800mg and let me tell you!!! It works. She has liver cancer, ms, neuropathy, and is diabetic. She is always in pain and has a hard time walking. She's feeling very little pain!!! Can't wait to try everything else on myself, my husband and my son. So glad we found this product!

    thumb Rhianna A.

    For the past 6+ years I had been trapped under the thumb of the opioid epidemic. After a severe knee injury in 2013, my Drs prescribed me a very large amount of pain killers. Started with the 10mg Percocet in embarrassing amounts. Then after a year and a half, my pain management Doc decided that the amount of pills I was consuming wasn't safe for me anymore. So he switched me over to the transdermal Fentanyl patches(WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!) How or why he thought those patches were the safer alternative, I've never understood.

    Looking back on that moment, I truly believe he knew that I would be hooked for life by prescribing such a strong substance and that he would have me as a client for life. He even had me thinking that I would have to be a patient of his forever. He did have me for a solid 6 years and I always had this lingering thought that "There has to be another alternative. This can't be it for me" Well. . .I was right! Thanks to my amazing big brother and insanely intelligent sister who showed me the way, I finally found the solution! Karen(the intelligent sister) lit a fire underneath my ass that helped me see how much damage I was doing to myself.

    Now I had tried getting off of the pain management more than a handful of times. So many failed attempts in fact, that I had given up hope that there would ever be a solution for me. It's a horrible feeling to honestly believe that there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Accepting defeat was all I could do. Karen tried lifting me up by telling me about these miracles that were being preformed throughout the world with her new CBD Hemp Healing Salves. It really seemed farfetched. I regretfully admit that I wasn't sold on it at all. . .but I broke the golden rule. . .DON'T KNOCK IT TIL YOU ROCK IT!

    It took me a few months after her business started blossoming, hearing all these people around me gas CBD up and even watching reports on 60 minutes about this "Miracle CBD" stuff, to finally give it a go. What's the worst that could happen? Get my hopes up again, just to find myself back in the same ole' predicament? Well. . . guess what!! CBD IS EVERYTHING THAT THEY SAID AND MORE!!

    So I took a goodie bag of URTHLEAFS' finest products( THE SALVE, THE 1800MG TINCTURE, THE DELICIOUS 600MG GUMMIES) and tried all of them as suggested. I used the CBD Hemp Healing Salve on my tore up knee, let that set in deep and put my knee brace on. Then I tried just half of the dripper from the 1800mg TINCTURE as Karen had suggested and let that sit under my tongue for a couple minutes before swallowing it. To top all that off, I took out 2 of the delicious 600MG GUMMIES and chomped those bad boys down. It took about 30 minutes to finally realize that I wasn't feeling any discomfort from my withdrawal symptoms or my tore up knee for the past 10 minutes. I called Justin(the amazing big brother) and was ecstatic!! "HOLY SHIT BROTHER! I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAITED THIS LONG AND I COULD'VE HAD THE CURES FOR MY OPIOID WITHDRAWALS THE WHOLE DAMN TIME!!

    Its been 68 days since that day. August 12th, 2019. I'm upset that I hadn't paid any attention to Karen or Justin about the URTHLEAF CBD products when they initially brought me aside to tell me they could help me get clear of that mess I was trapped in. I could be saying it's been 368 days rather than 68 days today.

    But that is all in the past now. I've been a strong supporter and user of these "MIRACLE" URTHLEAF CBD PRODUCTS for a little over 2 months now and I really hope that my story has helped someone out there take the leap into the holistic health treatments that URTHLEAF provided me with. Karen and Justin saved my life with these URTHLEAF products. I know that it's not just that "newest fad" all the kids are talking about. . . IT'S THE REAL DEAL!

    Thanks for reading! Also, know that I just broke through my "impossible brick wall" of defeat and anguish after the fact that I thought it could never be done and it could've been demolished so much earlier if I would have just listened to my wonderful family!! I love you all!

    Get well, be well, stay well.

    Michael James Hummer

    thumb Michael James H.

      Such a great place. Drove a good bit to get to it, and it was totally worth it. My mom has been taking approx 20mg in the AM and again in the PM, and she has genuinely felt better since day one. The owners, both of whom I spoke to over the phone, were absolutely helpful and actually nice. A great experience.

    thumb Jennifer P.
  •   Amazing service very through and so educative
    Lilia was so down to earth and very helpful! Loved her we will come back to her on days to come!
    Recommend it to everyone one!!!

    thumb Jorge C.

      I'm a dog-mom!!!  My Maltipoo & Malshi are my life.  When my Mashi (Mustache) had elevated liver levels I was so scared.  I put him on a hepatic diet along with Prescribed Denamerin.  Hopeful 3 months later we rechecked his blood work.  I was Devastated to see it went from 70 to 90.  
    I then did away with the Denamarin and With Sli hesitation I ordered pet CBD from Urthleaf and added it to his diet.  I noticed right away his energy levels were better he was playful and didn't get tired as easily.  Another 90 days later we went back and tested his blood I was so excited when the results came back at 40 which is a normal liver levels for dogs.   Looking back I can't believe I hesitated to buy CBD but thank God I did it anyways.   It has been a year now and I've checked his blood levels again twice my little Mr. mustache I can finally report is absolutely in tiptop shape.    

    I give him a full vile of the pet tincture every day with his wet food.  

    Thanks Urthleaf.  I can't wait to visit your store when I'm in town.

    thumb Karen T.
  •   Excellent CBD PRODUCTS. Such a nice selection of products and the employees make you feel welcomed and special. The layout of the store is extremely clean and makes you not want to leave. 10/10 experience.

    thumb Kobe B.

      I decided to check this place out for some CBD oil and I ended buying some! Jolene helped me out and she was super sweet and helpful! Def coming back.

    thumb Betsy E.
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