• Eucalyptus Bath Bomb 50mg

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    Introducing You to the Stress-Busting CBD Bath Bomb

    Slip into a state of mental clarity and unwind after a long day with UrthLeaf’s Eucalyptus CBD Bath Bomb. The soothing and calming effects of eucalyptus combined with the therapeutic properties of CBD will leave your body feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

    Simply place the bath bomb under warm, running water then watch it fizz and spin – transforming your bath into a welcoming sea of hempy-goodness. Trust us, your body will thank you.

  • Sleep Support Bundle

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    We’ve put together the perfect bundle of CBD products at a special discounted rate to help improve your sleep. Treat yourself today for effective relief from insomnia and restlessness using the magic of CBD.

  • TRU Organics Bath Bomb (50mg) – Relax

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    At the end of a long day, nothing’s more luxurious and refreshing than a nice warm bath.

    Take your relaxation to the next level with Tru Organics CBD Bath Bomb. Tru Organics CBD Bath Bombs are infused with full spectrum hemp oil and all natural essential oils, providing a rejuvenating experience for the body and mind.

    Immerse yourself in a warm bath steeped with healthy and soothing ingredients that tantalise the senses.

    Simply drop one in a full tub of water and enjoy!

  • TRU Organics Broad Spectrum Tincture 1oz (3,600mg)

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    Experience the benefits of the entourage effect with this premium broad spectrum distillate.

    Tru Organics THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate has been meticulously crafted using the finest natural ingredients and contains no trace of tetrahydrocannabinol.

    Formulated with MCT coconut oil for better bioavailability and numerous health benefits, this distillate has been designed to deliver phytocannabinoids quickly and efficiently to the body.

    Use it for fast, convenient relief or as part of your daily routine.

  • TRU Organics CBG Tincture 1oz (900mg)

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    A true revolution in the cannabis world, our potent CBG tincture features pure, hemp-derived CBG isolate sourced from our own Colorado farms.

    In order to achieve our highly-concentrated tincture, we’ve spent years in research and development breeding high CBG hemp genetics, utilizing our proprietary extraction process, and innovating with our industry-leading expertise.

    MCT oil and non-GMO sunflower lecithin work hand-in-hand to increase bioavailability of CBG, allowing the compound to assume maximum effectiveness post consumption.

    Once ingested or applied topically to the skin, CBG may support the body in numerous physiological functions, including immune system responses, sleep cycle regulation, inflammatory responses, and response to pain.

  • TRU Organics Mint Full Spectrum Tincture 1oz (1,800mg)

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    Tru Organics CBD Tinctures are designed to absorb quickly and efficiently in the body so you can get the fast-acting relief you need, exactly when you need it.

    Our tinctures are made with simple, high quality ingredients and offer full versatility and a customized dosing experience.

    MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, and full spectrum hemp oil work synergistically to promote good health throughout the body and soothe the heart and soul.

    Simply dispense a few drops into your water, coffee, tea, or beverage, make delicious CBO-infused meals, or take them on their own and let them work their magic.

  • TRU Organics Pressed Pills 30 Count (900mg) – Relax

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    Tru Organics High CBD Oil Relax Tablets offer a uniquely innovative solution to addressing issues related to sleep, irritability, and fatigue.

    These nighttime CBD pills are designed to promote relaxation throughout the body, and can be used as a natural sleep aid.

    Melatonin, chamomile, and cannabinoids work synergistically to promote equilibrium among bodily systems and maintain homeostasis throughout.

    With only three ingredients, our allergy-friendly, vegan sleep aid pills are perfect for achieving a better night’s sleep and are available in 10mg or 30mg CBD options.

  • TRU Organics Softgels 30 Count (300mg)

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    Seamlessly integrate CBD into your daily routine.

    Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills provide a comfortable, discreet way for you to enjoy your favorite hemp extracts.

    Full spectrum hemp oil, MCT oil, and sunflower lecithin come together to create a powerful, all natural experience.

  • UrthLeaf CBD Gel Capsules 900mg

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    Introducing You to Our Super Chill Pills AKA Gel CBD Capsules!

    Do you love CBD oil but want the convenience of a simple pre-dosed CBD capsule? We got you covered! Our top selling Gel CBD Capsules are tasteless, effective and dissolve quickly in your intestinal tract which allows for optimal absorption.

    Each bottle contains 900mg of non-GMO, full spectrum hemp CBD oil, which breaks down to 30mg per dose. When you are on the go, and need relief, our CBD capsules quickly come to the rescue.