• CIBADOL ZERO Muscle Gel Roll On 3oz (1,800mg)

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    Prioritize your happiness by putting your health first.

    Cibadol Zero Muscle Gel Roll On helps you get the fast-acting relief you need so that you can maintain a busy, active lifestyle.

    Apply to sore muscles, aching joints, or problem areas for improved comfort and mobility.

  • TRU Organics Eye Cream 1oz (500mg)

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    Look younger and feel confident about your skin.

    Tru Organics Eye Creme contains a blend of wholesome, hydrating ingredients designed to promote healthy skin.

    Nourishing botanicals and antioxidant-rich elements work in conjunction with pure cannabidiol extract to promote the health of the skin around the eye area, and may possibly reduce puffiness, blemishes, dryness, and wrinkles.

    This light, silky soft cream goes on smooth without leaving behind oil or residue and works to replenish the skin with moisture and healthy vitamins.

    Apply once daily or as needed for beautiful, healthy skin.

  • TRU Organics Face, Hair & Body Oil (500mg)

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    Give your skin and hair a healthy glow and ultra smooth touch.

    Tru Organics Face, Hair & Body Oil makes a sensational addition to any beauty routine.

    This all-in-one nourishing spa treatment is made with pure CBD isolate and all of the healthy natural ingredients that your body loves and is sure to leave you feeling silky soft from head to toe and totally irresistible.

    Cranberry seed oil provides deep hydration to the skin and hair while reducing inflammation, irritation, and promoting scalp circulation.

    Meanwhile, pomegranate and pumpkin seed oil infuse the area with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, and help repair damaged hair and skin cells.

    Simply apply it to your face, hair, or skin to achieve a goddess-like glow.

  • TRU Organics Facial Exfoliant 4oz (500mg)

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    Discover softer, more radiant skin. Tru Organics Facial Exfoliant with CBD is just what you need to revive and rejuvenate your skin after a long day.

    This deeply cleansing exfoliant gently removes dead skin, excess oil, and impurities, revealing the true natural beauty of your skin.

    Aloe leaf juice and coconut oil work to replenish moisture in the skin while jojoba oil soothes irritation and calendula flower extract eliminates bacteria and impurities.

    Use once daily or as needed for cleaner, brighter, more beautiful skin.

  • TRU Organics Facial Serum 2oz (500mg)

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    Deeply hydrating and rejuvenating, Tru Organics Facial Serum is the solution to all of your skin health woes.

    Watch dryness and redness disappear as you apply this wholesome, soothing blend of botanicals and CBD extract to your face.

    Tru Organics Facial Serum goes beyond ordinary moisturizer by penetrating deeper into the pores of your skin and providing you with the intense hydration and nourishment your body needs.

    Rose flower water, citrus extracts, meadowfoam seed oil, aloe leaf extract, and other herbal ingredients are blended together with pure cannabidiol extract to create a rejuvenating serum that can be easily applied to the face.

    Finally, the soft, supple skin you’ve always wanted is yours to show off and enjoy!

  • TRU Organics Moisturizer 2oz (1,000mg)

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    The best kind of care is self-care. Give your skin and body the care it deserves with Tru Organics Moisturizer.

    Packed full of vitamins and a host of natural ingredients that work together to promote long term health, this facial cream is a sure way to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

    CBD isolate, shea butter, aloe leaf juice, and soothing botanicals work harmoniously to quench dry skin and replenish moisture throughout.

    Meanwhile, rooibos leaf, green tea extract, and white willow bark gently exfoliate the skin and reduce redness and irritation, leaving your face soft and silky smooth.

  • TRU Organics Pressed Pills 30 Count (900mg) – Relax

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    Tru Organics High CBD Oil Relax Tablets offer a uniquely innovative solution to addressing issues related to sleep, irritability, and fatigue.

    These nighttime CBD pills are designed to promote relaxation throughout the body, and can be used as a natural sleep aid.

    Melatonin, chamomile, and cannabinoids work synergistically to promote equilibrium among bodily systems and maintain homeostasis throughout.

    With only three ingredients, our allergy-friendly, vegan sleep aid pills are perfect for achieving a better night’s sleep and are available in 10mg or 30mg CBD options.