UrthLeaf takes pride in breaking down the scientific complexities and curiosities surrounding hemp CBD into digestible terms. We understand the importance of being able to talk confidently to friends and family about the newest UrthLeaf CBD addition to your daily health regimen.


To make things easy for all of us, we’re giving you access to the most common questions we receive about our hemp derived CBD. Let’s dive right in!


Q: What does CBD stand for?

A: CBD is shorthand for “cannabidiol” which is just one of the nearly 140 chemical compounds found naturally in hemp plants (and marijuana plants). Collectively these compounds are referred to as “cannabinoids” (pronounced: KAH-NAB-IN-OIDS).


Q: What do cannabinoids DO?

A: Cannabinoids act as neuromodulators for a entire host of significant processes and functions. The same way that your body absorbs a supplement, for example, you take vitamin C and your body delivers it to the right places to improve your immune system, cannabinoids are handy for assistance with mood regulation, appetite, skin responses, appetite/digestion, motor skills, and the feeling of pain.


Q: Will UrthLeaf CBD get me high?

A: No. You’re thinking of THC which is the psychoactive, euphoric, cousin-cannabinoid of CBD found primarily in marijuana plants. We all have that one cousin who shares our DNA but is nothing like us! There is less than 0.3% of THC found naturally in hemp plants which is the legal limit for industrial hemp.


Q: Will UrthLeaf CBD show up on a drug test?

A: No. The 0.3% of THC mentioned above is negligible which is why the government has approved of it’s use. In small doses, (like what’s found naturally in industrial hemp), it doesn’t show up in tests and will never give you a psychoactive or euphoric effect.


Q: How does CBD work?

A: In school you learned all about your respiratory system, your immune system, your central nervous system, etc. The one system that wasn’t in your text books is your endocannabinoid receptor system (ECS). WE are literally hard wired for CBD. Your ECS runs through your central nervous system and affects physiological processes like pain, mood, memory, and appetite. Two main receptors CB1 & CB2 control immune system functions and how the body responds to pain.


Q: I’m healthy and have no known health conditions, can I still benefit from UrthLeaf CBD?

A: Lucky you – YES! Being the rockstar anti-inflammatory agent that it is, CBD works naturally with your healthy immune system to keep clear communications between your brain and your body. When your immune system is not agitated, and is in a calm state, it doesn’t attack your central nervous system.

Q: Is CBD safe for my pets and family?

A: Yes. CBD has no psychoactive properties and no known side effects, nor contraindications. Animal’s and children’s suggested serving size varies from adult serving sizes but ultimately CBD’s use is no different in animals and children than adults. CBD is non-toxic. No fatal overdose levels have ever been reported. It has been tested in adults taking up to 1,500 mg per day which is much more than anyone would regularly work into their daily health routine.


Q: What are the differences between hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD?

A: In short – hemp does not produce the same levels of cannabinoids as marijuana plants do. Check out the differences between hemp derived CBD and cannabis derived CBD here.


Q: Is UrthLeaf infused with Full Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate?

A: Full Spectrum CBD. We use Full-Spectrum hemp CBD extract because it creates the “entourage effect” that increases the effectiveness of UrthLeaf CBD. Sometimes referred to as the “hemptourage effect”, this occurs as the bioavailable compounds interact with each other to optimize health and wellness.


These are the most commonly asked questions surrounding UrthLeaf hemp CBD. To see more – Review a full list of our FAQ’s here.

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