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UrthLeaf’s mission is to provide people and pets with safe, therapeutic, non-habit forming relief from life’s stressors. We offer a competitive line of all-natural CBD products to include tinctures for both people and pets, salves, vapes, bath bombs, pre-rolls and gummies. In a world filled with many CBD choices, we promise to deliver premium and effective products to our customers.


UrthLeaf was created by a team of individuals living active lifestyles who grew tired of experiencing lack luster effects of existing hemp CBD products on the market. The inception of our product was a huge labor of love for our team. We visited and interviewed many US industrial hemp growers until we found the right fit located in Maine to partner with. We chose this specific farm because of their environmentally friendly practices and their commitment to 100% (lab tested) pesticide free CBD extraction methodology.

Over the past 15+ years people have been proactively educating themselves on how to heal their bodies from the inside out, naturally. From herbs, to vitamins, to organic produce, to yoga, meditation or even just a simple walk outside, people are saying no to traditional western medicines that can come with heavy side effects, and saying yes to a more holistic approach. CBD has been around for centuries, it is just recently with the legalization of hemp that we are able to reap the benefits of what this extract can do for our bodies as a whole. At UrthLeaf, we strive to bring premium full spectrum products!


Our hemp is sourced from our trusted partners in Maine, Colorado, and Oregon. We take pride in operating from soil to oil completely within the United States. Our products have up-to-date batch tested lab results available online at anytime. We use our lab tests as a tool to add credibility to our line and ensure optimal cannabinoid value for our consumers. People are our patients! CBD is a natural SUPPLEMENT that can be added into ANYONE’s health regimen. Because its use provides effective relief, we treat customers/consumers with an extra dose of care. Even the healthiest customer is using CBD as a preventative measure of care for themselves. Thus, it must remain top of mind that we are here to help, not just here to sell.

We know there are many hemp CBD options out there to choose from, and the process of elimination can feel overwhelming. However, with the hemp CBD market being so new, it can be tough to select safe, affordable product lines that deliver the real relief you are seeking. How do we know our customers are seeking relief with CBD? We were those customers. After our own trials and tribulations with marketed CBD products, we grew tired of searching for natural, effective solutions and took things into our own hands.

UrthLeaf is ready to provide you with all-natural, lab tested, hemp CBD alternatives that can easily be added to any health and wellness regimen. Our mission is to offer clean, full spectrum, and most importantly, effective hemp CBD products that influence a proactive daily CBD routine. Our carefully developed product line features the most sought out forms of CBD by consumers.

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