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How to Incorporate CBD into your Daily Routine

How to Incorporate CBD into your Daily Routine

It’s a new year and time to create new habits! After almost a year of dealing with a worldwide pandemic, 2021 looks set to be the year of ‘Getting Healthy!’ One way to do this is to add CBD into your daily routine. A CBD routine will bring multiple health benefits and make 2021 MUCH better than 2020.

CBD appears to work well with certain functions within the mind and body, especially when it’s used daily. We’re going to explain what happens when you create a CBD routine. By showing you the science behind CBD and its benefits, you shall why cultivating a CBD routine is so important.

What is CBD?

If you take the time to understand what CBD actually is then you will appreciate the pure essence of CBD and its benefits.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the 400 compounds found in cannabis plants. All legal CBD, like UrthLeaf’s CBD, is sourced from industrial hemp plants. When CBD is extracted in liquified form it is known as CBD oil.

Here at UrthLeaf, our CBD oil is sourced from hemp from our environmentally friendly fields in Maine. We have our CBD oil tested by third parties, so you know the product you’re buying is free of pesticides, herbicides, or other pollutants. You can view the certificates from our testing on our website.

How does CBD Work?

CBD works in harmony with the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. CBD, and other legal cannabinoids, change how the cannabinoid receptors in our body react. Our ECS is responsible for functions such as sleep, appetite, mood, immune response, and pain response. Our CB receptors are specifically found in our immune and nervous systems.

As our body has its own cannabinoid receptors, it appears to react positively when extra cannabinoids are introduced to these systems. Research shows CBD is effective at reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety and other chronic symptoms because it changes the way CB receptors function within important bodily systems.

Why Should I Create a CBD Routine?

Basically, a well-functioning endocannabinoid system can lead to better balance in the body, a better mood and generally, a better quality of life.

However, the influence of CBD doesn’t happen straight away. No matter how strong the dose is, it will take more than one try of CBD to feel any long-term effects. UrthLeaf create CBD Tinctures at 1800mg and 900mg, making them two of our most potent CBD products. But you need to consume them regularly to enhance and stimulate strong and long-lasting effects.

It takes time for cannabinoids to build up in the body. There may be any number of reasons for our natural cannabinoids to be out of balance and it takes time for CBD and other legal cannabinoids you ingest to get to work on these causes. By using CBD regularly, you allow the ECS to become more sensitive and receptive to stimulation by cannabinoids.

Build up cannabinoids in the body over time and they will stimulate a significant increase in CB receptors across the body.

Even without looking at the science, it’s clear to see that taking CBD every day can sustain a level of cannabinoids in the human body that may lead to a highly functioning and effective ECS.


How Much CBD Should I Take?

This is not an easy question to answer as every human body is different. Everyone metabolizes cannabinoids differently. Some people have a very high tolerance and therefore need a strong dose. While other people need very little CBD to experience the benefits they seek.

Your body size, the strength of dosage, and your consumption method may all have an effect on how long the full effects of CBD will stay in your body. Some people find that 2 or 3 daily doses of CBD work more effectively than one.

View your CBD experience as a journey. Take some time to discover what levels of CBD work for you. Try taking 1 or 2 daily doses for a week. If you notice there is not much difference then increase the CBD dose to 3 daily doses.

How Can I Consume CBD?

There are a variety of ways of consuming CBD and other legal cannabinoids and it hugely depends on what you plan to use CBD for.

If you want an overall boost of health for your mind and body, then CBD Tinctures or CBD Capsules/Soft Gels/Gummies are perfect. These methods allow the CBD to enter your body quickly and efficiently, so after several days you should begin noticing a difference in how you feel.

CBD Tinctures and Gummies (or other convenient capsules) may also work if you suffer from anxiety as they go to work fast! By using them an hour or so before an anxious situation, you may find you relax quickly so you can endure any stressful situations.

CBD can also be used to treat skin conditions. You are probably aware that many skincare brands incorporate CBD into their products. CBD appears to work as an anti-inflammatory treatment. As the cannabinoids work their way into your skin, they reduce redness, dryness and itchiness. CBD can be bought as salves, creams or lotions, all designed to promote healthier looking skin.


Benefits of Taking CBD Every Day

Sustaining the CBD levels in your system delivers a long list of benefits! Many take CBD every day as an effective method for daily stress relief. Studies show that CBD can affect our neurotransmitters and change serotonin activity. When you are experiencing low levels of serotonin, it may be causing you anxiety. CBD might be able to help!

Some research has shown that taking CBD every day can reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Inflammation is the leading cause of many Alzheimer’s symptoms. However, CBD has proven to contain extremely effective anti-inflammatory properties. CBD appears to alleviate Alzheimer’s patients of the physical, mental, and emotional pain they endure regularly.

CBD may also help you obtain a better night’s sleep. Studies on CBD have found that it may have the therapeutic potential for combating the symptoms of insomnia.

So, give it a go! Choose a CBD product that may work for you and attempt to create a CBD routine that will benefit you in many ways.


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