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5 Explanations about CBD and Drug Tests

At Urthleaf, we understand that some of our customers may worry about CBD showing up on drug tests.  This is a natural concern and one that our experts can readily discuss. Read on to learn some interesting facts about CBD and drug testing. Here are 5 explanations about CBD and drug tests.

What do drug tests typically search for?

The people who typically administer drug tests are generally searching for chemicals that cause impairment. Those kinds of people may be parents for example. Or parole officers or employers perhaps. Naturally, if you are hoping to pass a drug test for an important career move, you may be concerned about the chances of CBD being detected.

Drug screenings search for several drugs including Marijuana, as stated by SAMHSA. “Marijuana” refers to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the compound more typically related to the inebriating impact of cannabis. CBD taken from hemp plants WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH, so this should not be a problem.

Of course, law enforcement could ask labs to create drug tests that are sensitive to CBD. However, it appears that most companies are not concerned about CBD testing, so this is unlikely to occur any time soon.

How long will CBD remain in my system?

A fantastic question to ask when consuming hemp-based CBD products!

Currently, there are not enough studies on how long cannabinol can remain in someone’s system. However, Urthleaf has seen research that shows the chemical may persist for around one week.

Although there is less understanding about cannabinol, scientists do have research highlighting how long tetrahydrocannabinol (the compound found in Marijuana) can remain in the body. Interestingly, it depends upon how frequently you use THC. For occasional users, their body may eliminate THC within a couple of days. In ritual users, THC may stay in their systems for one month or even longer.

Is it possible to fail a drug test because of CBD?

It gets a bit complicated when you take a dive into whether cannabinol may make you fail a drug test or not. Some cannabinol products do not contain any THC and so you won’t fail a drug test because of CBD.

Bearing in mind that hemp doesn’t create enough THC to get you high, it does generate a trace quantity of the compound. Therefore, you may find a trace amount of THC in your CBD product. It is also worth noting that CBD is categorized as a supplement and isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. So, some companies may mislabel their products. It is always best to ask for laboratory testing to know the compound breakdown of the product you are buying, to ensure you are fully informed.

Are there ways CBD might make me fail a drug test?

Alone, CBD won’t make you fail a drug test. However, there are a few ways of failing a drug test COULD happen and this will most likely stem from:

  • Taking so much cannabinol that the body converts it into enough THC to test positive.
  • Consuming a mislabelled cannabinol product that intentionally contains THC.
  • Taking cannabinol products that have been contaminated by THC extracts.
  • Consuming CBD products containing high THC levels.

Of course, in an ideal world, you will know precisely what is in your cannabinol product! Make sure you buy from a reputable brand!

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Should I risk consuming CBD products?

The big question! Failing a drug test may cause severe issues in someone’s life. In almost every state, employers won’t employ people who fail drug tests. Even if you reside inside a state that has legalised marijuana, it’s still possible to be rejected for a job for failing a drug test.

Ideally, consuming hemp-derived cannabinol should not make you fail a drug test. As mentioned previously in this post, some cannabinol products might contribute to the quantity of THC inside your system, meaning you might fail a drug test. However, the likelihood of failing a drug test is very low and most people do not worry about having hemp-based CBD in their systems.

Finding the Right Hemp Cannabinol

The CBD sector is predicted to reach $20 billion in 2020. This success might attract businesses that care more about profits than making good-quality products. Therefore, some poorly manufactured products might contain THC that could be detected by marijuana drug testing.

It is possible to avoid the risk of failing drug testing by selecting CBD products manufactured by reliable companies which use non-psychoactive, organic hemp extracts. By picking cheap CBD products that might contain THC (and additional chemicals) you could jeopardize your future. CBD provides a multitude of benefits, yet you should not run the risk of failing a drug test!

Consuming quality hemp CBD is unlikely to trigger a positive drug test. So, it is possible to appreciate the great benefits of cannabinol without concern!

So don’t hesitate to explore this high-quality product that’s lab-tested to ensure it’s premium ingredients are consistent and safe.


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