Catch More Quality ZZZ’s with CBD

While everyone’s sleep cycle is different a lot of us would say we do not get enough sleep. Our experts at UrthLeaf take you through how to catch more quality ZZZ’s with CBD…

Catch More Quality ZZZ’s with CBD

8 hours, 6 hours, 4 hours – everyone’s sleep cycle is different but most of us will agree, we struggle to get the right amount of decent, quality sleep that our minds and bodies need to function well. Sleep not only helps to refresh your mind and body; while we sleep, our physical bodies are working hard to restore balance that’s been knocked throughout the day. Our bodies need sleep to build up energy for us to burn once we wake up and begin our daily routines.

When we’re feeling stressed and anxious, we often have trouble getting a restful night’s sleep. We’ve all been there! Stress takes away our ability to fully experience REM sleep. REM sleep occurs when we are falling asleep and waking up. During REM sleep our brains are almost as active as when we are awake. In this phase of sleep, our breathing becomes fast and irregular, so when we are anxious it is hard for our bodies to relax and “fall asleep”.

Studies on CBD have found that the cannabinoid may have the therapeutic potential for combating the symptoms of insomnia while also helping manage excessive daytime sleepiness and REM sleep behavior disorder. All of that ultimately equates to better sleep without any tossing or turning.

Read on to understand the science behind REM sleep, why we need good quality sleep, and how CBD can help transform your night-time. Catch More Quality ZZZ’s with CBD!

What is REM sleep?

While you are sleeping, the brain moves through several stages and one of these is rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. During this phase, the eyes move rapidly in various directions. The other phases are known as non-REM sleep.

People enter REM sleep within the first 90 minutes of falling asleep and will repeat the REM phase several times during the night. Most dreams occur during REM sleep and it is thought to play a role in learning, memory, and mood. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a study depriving rats of REM sleep considerably shortened their life span. During this phase of sleep, your brain exercises important neural connections which are key to mental and overall well-being.

So, if you are suffering from stress and anxiety, you may find it difficult to move into the REM phase of sleep. This in turn, will stop your brain from repairing and restructuring properly, therefore causing more mental anguish. A vicious cycle indeed!


What else is sleep good for?

Have you ever spent the day wondering why you are so cranky? Or why your workouts are getting harder? Or you’re putting on unexplained weight? Many of these issues can be traced back to how well you are sleeping.

While you are sleeping, your brain processes your emotions. Your mind needs this sleep time to recognize and react appropriately. You may notice that when you have less sleep, you tend to have more negative emotional reactions and fewer positive ones. More seriously, a chronic lack of sleep can raise the chance of having a mood disorder. You may be more likely to develop depression and suffer from anxiety.

As we mentioned before, REM sleep is important in helping the brain to learn effectively and form memories properly. Without enough sleep, it’s hard to focus and take in new information. Your brain doesn’t have enough time to store information and therefore create new memories for you to use that information later. If you want to be on the ball and ready for anything, then decent sleep will assist your brain in catching up.

Being sleep-deprived can also affect the hormones that control appetite. When these hormones are out of balance, it is harder to resist the temptation of unhealthy foods. You may also find it harder to move your body, because you are so tired. What does this all mean? You will put on the pounds! Managing your weight is a struggle when you have less sleep. Consider some sleep remedies that will help you catch a few more zzz’s, such as consuming a natural, therapeutic product like CBD oil.

Why will CBD help me get more, and better, sleep?

Depending on how you consume it, CBD can work in a variety of ways. This blogpost has a great explanation about the science behind the molecule. CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from the cannabis plant, well known for it’s restorative and relaxing properties. The different compounds found within CBD do a very effective job at relieving symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. People who regularly experience insomnia can benefit from CBD as a sleep aid.

It is very easy to consume. Either as a capsule or a tincture, they both administer positive effects. CBD oil capsules are particularly good because they are tasteless and easy to swallow.

By regulating mood and pain receptors in the endocannabinoid system, CBD can reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. It activates the serotonin levels in the body which will give you a much-needed energy and spirit boost.

When you suffer from less anxiety and stress, it is much easier to fall into REM sleep. Your breathing is regular and your heart beats at its normal pace as you find coping with day-to-day stressors becomes more manageable. In turn, falling asleep becomes more natural, allowing you to have a great night’s sleep. As we have discovered, when you sleep well your body is better equipped to learn, react and move throughout the day.


Urthleaf can help!

Here at Urthleaf, we sell some of the best CBD capsules on the market, all of which can be easily purchased online. We only use hemp sourced from reputable growers in the US. All our products are lab-tested, and you can review the results on our website. This way, you can be sure you are getting the best CBD capsules around!

Don’t suffer from a lack of sleep. Choose to use a product that is natural, easy to use, and affordable, and you’ll be treating yourself to a wonderful slumber session in no time at all!

So that’s why we do it!

At UrthLeaf, we have 3 main principles that guide us every day: quality, transparency, and authenticity. We believe it is our job to provide pure, quality and safe CBD oil to our clients. That means we’ll go to great lengths of CBD testing to ensure that our product is of the highest quality standard.



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