How to Take CBD for Anxiety & Stress, NOT CORONAVIRUS

We are all living in an uncertain period. At Urthleaf, we want to ensure all our valued customers feel taken care of. So, we’ve put together some advice regarding the “relationship” between CBD and Covid-19. Our main message is that taking CBD for anxiety and stress is a good idea, it is NOT FOR CORONAVIRUS.

At the time of writing, coronavirus, or Covid-19, has infected over 100,000 people globally and it is difficult to know exactly what this means. Here at Urthleaf, our mission is to provide people with safe and therapeutic products. As consumers ourselves, we believe in the importance of our customers having access to fully transparent information about the benefits of our products. This blog post is to highlight how CBD is beneficial for certain issues rather than others. Many CBD companies on the market are promoting their products as cures of Covid-19. As a trusted brand, we want to take 5 minutes of your time to explain why this is not the case.

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How to Take CBD for Anxiety & Stress, NOT CORONAVIRUS

What is Covid-19?

In case you feel unsure as to exactly what Covid-19 is, here is a quick rundown. It is a new illness never seen before caused by a virus called coronavirus and it affects the lungs and airways. There is currently no specific treatment and as it is a viral infection, antibiotics do not work. As well as isolation to limit the spread of the virus, there are treatments people can take to relieve the symptoms. Due to it being a new illness, it is unclear of exactly how the virus is spread between people. It is most likely spread through cough droplets like other similar viruses.


The most well-known symptoms of Covid-19 include a high temperature and a dry cough. Some people will have both symptoms, some people may carry the virus but display minimal symptoms. This means many people may possibly carry the virus without knowing it. In the worst cases it can cause breathing difficulties and lead to pneumonia. In vulnerable groups of people, such as the over-70s, people with weakened immune systems and pregnant women, this illness can be very severe and lead to hospitalisation.

What is CBD?


CBD is a cannabis-derived substance. It is particularly effective in administering certain effects on the body, such as relaxation and pain-relief. Research has shown that people suffering from chronic pain can use CBD to relieve their symptoms. Products like CBD infused creams and salves that soak directly into the skin, provide immediate relief to painful muscles or joints.

There are plenty of other areas that CBD can help with. It has been shown to work as a sleep aid, helping those suffering with insomnia. It can calm nausea, control seizures, reduce muscle soreness and alleviate acne breakouts.

By applying it externally, or consuming it as a capsule or tincture, CBD is effective at providing therapeutic relief to many ailments. It is brilliant as it is very low risk and presents very few side effects. Plus, it is a natural substance, derived from a plant known for its calming properties.

Despite being sourced from cannabis, CBD won’t make you feel high. It does not alter cognitive functioning or change motor behavior. In order to get high from cannabis, you need to ingest large amounts of THC, another element derived from cannabis. THC is well-known for its mind-altering properties, but CBD does not create the same changes in the brain.

Now, will CBD cure Covid-19?

Here is the simple answer: no, it will not. There is zero research and therefore zero evidence to show that products containing CBD will help sufferers of the coronavirus.

Now, when it comes to regular flu, CBD has been found to ease symptoms and can be a good product to sit in your medicine cabinet. It is well-known that CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and there is a positive relationship between the immune and endocannabinoid systems. It can affect the level of activity in the immune system by turning the levels of activity up or down, depending on the body’s needs. Using CBD within a vape has been shown to support easier breathing by relaxing the bronchial muscles. It is also popular due to its effectiveness as a pain reliever.

However, when it comes to the coronavirus, we recommend following government guidelines. Stay away from large crowds, wash hands regularly. Avoid people who are displaying symptoms like a cough and fever. Finally, practice self-care to look after your mental health during this stressful time.


Can CBD help in other ways?

Another simple answer: yes, it can! We are living during an unsettling time full of rapidly changing information and worry for ourselves and loved ones. This uncertain period will undoubtedly cause stress and anxiety for many people. Especially at a time when we may be settling into self-isolation or care of vulnerable people.

Consuming CBD is a great treatment for anxiety. It will help to lift your mood and reduce stress by activating your serotonin levels. Managing anxiety and depression won’t create a cure for Covid-19 or lessen your chances of catching the virus, however it can ease the effects of worry and isolation.

CBD makes a good alternative to other prescribed anti-depressants that often administer difficult side effects like fatigue and constipation. It will modulate serotonin levels and impact various functions in the body and emotional state.

Trust us. Your wellbeing is important to us

To summarise, there should be no doubt in any of our consumer’s minds that CBD will treat or cure the symptoms of Covid-19. We urge you to avoid any companies that make this statement and to treat them as sellers looking to exploit a stressful and worrying situation.

Here at Urthleaf, we regularly promote the calming and pain-relieving benefits of CBD. We are confident we can supply products that will help to calm the mind and ease the symptoms of the common cold and seasonal flu.

Our products contain 100% lab-tested CBD. We rely heavily on third-party testing to ensure our products do not contain any additional chemicals or nasty ingredients.

These are difficult times and we promise to keep you updated on the best ways to look after your physical health and wellbeing. If you are yet to do so, sign up to our newsletter to receive weekly suggestions for making life that little bit easier.



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