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UrthLeaf’s Brand New CBD Products Part 1

UrthLeaf’s Brand New CBD Products Part 1

A few weeks ago, we launched our new website alongside a wide, supportive range of CBD products. These products come from the best and biggest CBD brands in the United States. We spent an enthusiastic amount of time over the summer months curating a range of CBD oil products that can sustain and care for our returning (and new) customers.


UrthLeaf’s Brand New CBD Products Part 1

This CBD story is going to guide you through our new featured brands and some of the CBD products we stock that will help you maintain a stress-free life.

TRU Organics – A Delightful Range of CBD Products

If you’re looking for a premium CBD product, at a great price, then look no further than TRU Organics!

At UrthLeaf, we believe in keeping our products simple yet powerful. Our Full Spectrum CBD products are 100% pure and natural. You will never find any chemicals or additives in our products.


TRU Organics provides high-quality CBD at competitive prices. Industry-leading scientists and formulators have crafted an excellent product line that is always expanding. We test our CBD extensively, through third-party laboratories.

We source our CBD from TRU Organic’s own Colorado farms. Browse today to experience the TRU Organics difference.

TRU Organics CBD Products

TRU Organics Bath Bombs

Our online CBD store offers two of TRU Organics luxurious bath bombs: Relax and Recover. The Recover CBD Bath Bomb offers relief from anxiety and helps for a better night’s sleep. The Relax CBD Bath Bomb is also perfect for supporting sleep and helping the mind and body rid itself of stress.

At the end of a long day there is nothing more comfortable and restful than a warm bath. With the TRU Organics Bath Bomb you can take your relaxation to the next level. CBD Bath Bombs are infused with Full Spectrum hemp oil and natural essential oils. This provides a rejuvenating experience for the mind and body.

Immerse yourself in a warm bath steeped with healthy and soothing ingredients that tantalise the senses. It is well known that baths are part of the ultimate self-care package. Like having a spa-experience at home.

Taking a bath at least once a week should be viewed as a reward for your hard work. If your body feels a bit stiff from staring at a computer all day, the relaxing atmosphere of a bath will stimulate your system.


TRU Organics Tinctures

We feel blessed to team up with TRU Organics as they have a wide range of Tinctures. They have created Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures, CBN Tinctures and CBG Tinctures. All excellent products for reducing anxiety and boosting the natural systems of the body. So, what is the difference between the three?

Broad Spectrum CBD contains a range of cannabinoids, as opposed to CBD Isolate which is pure CBD. Broad Spectrum CBD offers a wider range of benefits so this tincture can be used to support sleep, healing and stress response. We call this an entourage effect where a variety of cannabinoids work together.

TRU Organics Broad Spectrum CBD is free of THC and has been meticulously crafted using the finest natural ingredients. Formulated with coconut oil for numerous health benefits, this tincture has been designed to deliver cannabinoids quickly and efficiently to the body.

CBN Tinctures are a range of cannabinoids that can offer a boost not seen with standard CBD. CBN binds to the body’s CB receptors differently to CBD and appears to work well as a night-time aid.  TRU Organics High CBN Oil Tincture is formulated based on evidence from cutting-edge research and advanced extraction processes developed by the nation’s leading cannabis scientists.

The CBN Tinctures also include coconut and sunflower oils to increase the availability of the cannabinoids so they can be easily absorbed by the body.

TRU Organics CBG Tincture is a true revolution in the cannabis world. Just like CBN, CBG is another cannabinoid found in cannabis plants and appears to have major health benefits.

Once ingested or applied topically to the skin, all three of these tinctures may support numerous physiological functions in the body, including immune system responses, inflammatory responses and response to pain.

TRU Organics Eye Creme

Move over standard eye creams, these are the CBD products your skincare routine is looking for!


TRU Organics Eye Creme contains a blend of wholesome, hydrating ingredients designed to promote healthy, younger-looking skin. Helping you feel more confident!

Nourishing botanicals and antioxidant-rich elements work in conjunction with pure CBD Isolate to promote the health of skin around the eye area. It may reduce puffiness, blemishes, dryness and wrinkles.

This light, silky soft cream goes on smooth without leaving behind oil and works to replenish the skin with moisture and healthy vitamins.

TRU Organics Face, Hair & Body Oil

Are you an avid body oil user or perhaps you’re yet to be converted? If you want ultra-smooth skin and a healthy glow then a face, body and hair oil may be what you’re looking for. There’s all sorts you can do with CBD products!


TRU Organics Face, Hair & Body Oil makes a sensational addition to any beauty routine. This all-in-one nourishing spa treatment is made with pure CBD Isolate and a mix of healthy, natural ingredients that your body will love. It will leave your skin feeling silky soft and irresistible.

Cranberry seed oil provides deep hydration to the skin and hair while reducing inflammation, irritation, and promoting scalp circulation. Meanwhile, pomegranate and pumpkin seed oil infuse the affected area with antioxidants, vitamins C and E, and help repair damaged hair and cells.

TRU Organics Facial Cleanser

Last but not least, we’re going to show you how you can cleanse and purify your skin with gentle, all-natural CBD products.

TRU Organics Facial Cleanser brings out the natural beauty of your skin, helping it get rid of impurities and deeply hydrating its surface.

Soft, perfectly smooth skin replaces dirt, make-up and grime. This cleanser contains ingredients like tea tree oil. This thoroughly cleanses the skin. It also has hydrolyzed wheat protein and aloe leaf juice for added moisture and hydration.

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