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UrthLeaf Article Highlights of 2020 – Part 1

UrthLeaf Article Highlights of 2020 – Part 1

2020 has been a strange year, one of the strangest that many of us will have experienced. We have stood by our loyal customers as they go through difficult and uncertain times by ensuring we provide the best and finest CBD oil products.

CBD is well known for its ability to relax the body and calm the mind. We believe it has been a vital tool for helping people manage symptoms of stress and anxiety. CBD will continue to be a saviour throughout 2021. UrthLeaf will continue to feed our customers with the latest CBD knowledge, stories and the best products from across the country.

2020 has been a busy year for us. We made a promise at the beginning of the year to source the latest CBD news and stories and share them on our blog. The UrthLeaf blog has been active every week of 2020. Our articles are packed with tips on how to use CBD, the best products to try and the benefits associated with CBD.

As we near the end of 2020, let us take you through our year of CBD stories. Here are 12 highlights from our blog, highlighting the importance of CBD in transforming people’s lives.

1. CBD and It’s Domination of the Beauty Marketplace

Back in January (doesn’t that feel a long time ago!?) we explored the rise of CBD and its total domination of not just the beauty marketplace, but the world. As 2020 progressed (and our stress levels rose) we clearly saw CBD gain significant popularity across all wellness markets.

More and more people are coming forward with anxiety. As awareness of anxiety becomes more prevalent, natural treatments for relaxation are becoming more popular.

As CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient, providing the same relaxing benefits as cannabis without altering the mind, it’s being used as an important tool in the anxiety toolbelt.


2. How to Quit Smoking with CBD Oil

As we moved into February (a time when life still felt normal!) we began to explore the powerful effects of CBD.

Smoking is a habit for millions of people in America. It is an addiction that is very difficult to quit without support. In this article we explored several studies which highlighted the use of CBD as a supportive aid when quitting smoking. As many people use smoking as a way to manage stress and anxiety, there is great promise for CBD as a healthy method of dealing with stress and anxiety.

UrthLeaf’s CBD Vape Pen is the best method of delivery of CBD. Using a vape pen mimics the addictive need to step outside and hold a cigarette in your fingers. Vaping is perfect for sudden cravings and produces a relaxing effect within minutes.


3. How CBD can Truly Help During the Coronavirus Crisis

It feels like life didn’t exist before March! No one can forget the beginning of Spring 2020. Covid-19 began to take hold across the world and our lives dramatically changed.

Sadly, at the beginning of the crisis, some brands took advantage of CBD’s healing nature and made claims that CBD could cure Covid-19. UrthLeaf jumped into the conversation to speak the truth. Despite our love for CBD, we know it does not cure Covid-19.

We value our ability to present CBD facts not fiction. CBD can be used for relief from anxiety, managing emotions and better sleep. We used our position as a best-selling CBD brand to deliver this important message: CBD does not cure Covid-19!


4. Add Some Fun to Lockdown with CBD Watermelon Gummies

As March turned into April and we realised Covid-19 was here to stay, and lockdown would become a normal way of life, we took the opportunity to cheer our followers up.

It felt like the perfect time to show people our CBD Watermelon Gummies. It doesn’t get more fun than that! Not only did we all feel uncertain in April, we also felt a bit bored, which didn’t help our anxiety levels.

UrthLeaf’s CBD Watermelon Gummies are top-rated when it comes to fun and relaxation! Packed with full spectrum CBD oil they deliver a wonderful chilled-out vibe. Plus, with their tangy, watermelon flavor they are so much fun to consume.


5. Enhance Your Green Smoothie with CBD Oil

During May we put the spotlight on using CBD at home (as we were all stuck there!). From meditation to yoga to improving your mental health, there are many practical ways for CBD to enhance your life.

At the beginning of the month, we put together a recipe for a delicious green smoothie with added CBD oil. As a convenient breakfast on-the-go, it’s super healthy with powerful green vegetables and relaxing CBD oil.

Using a combination of healthy berries, sweet banana, super greens and creamy milk, our green smoothie is a delicious way to start the day. It couldn’t be easier to add CBD oil. A CBD Tincture comes with a useful dropper to count out your dosage. Once blended, you are ready for the day!


6. The Most Delicious Chocolate Cake – With CBD and Beets!

In June we continued looking at different reasons for incorporating CBD into daily life. From including it in massage oils for a restorative home massage to exploring its benefits as a pain reliever.

We also added another tasty recipe! Chocolate Beets Cake with CBD! Yes, you read that right! CBD oil, beets and chocolate, all whipped up into a moist cake. Baking has never been more interesting!

The element that makes this cake more than average, is the addition of beets and CBD oil. Now there’s no need to feel guilty for indulging in a chocolate cake, this one is healthy! The earthy taste of CBD oil pairs well with the bitterness of chocolate. The beets keep it moist and chewy.

Trust us, this is not one to miss!

Stay tuned next week for part two of our blog highlights from UrthLeaf!

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